7th JULY 2018

A year of growth at Group Catalònia Fundació Creactiva in Sant Cugat.

In April 2017 Catalònia Fundació Creactiva, whose objective is to attend to intellectually handicapped people, took over the management of Edda de Carli d’Asdi centre in Sant Cugat del Vallès. It assumed the activity as its own, while Asdi followed its path in parallel giving service to its associates. As an occupational centre, its activity revolves around two blocks. On one hand, personal and social adjustment; all of which is related to the person him/herself and to the environment. “We work on everything from eating habits and behaviour to activities such as creativity, communication or stimulation…”, explains Joana Corominas, psychologist and director of the day centre area.
With regards to future challenges, Dr. Joaquim Serrahima, general director at Catalònia Fundació Creactiva, indicates the importance of increasing the number of users, because “this allows us to generate more resources and be able to do more things. And in terms of these users, widen the range of activities, and reform the building to adapt it more to their needs.
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