Currently the complete SEC staff is made up of approximately 100 people.
The principal characteristic of our SEC, which was created in 1994, is working for the different services of the foundation itself. In addition there are some collaborations outside of the foundation.

Our brigades work so that all the foundation´s facilities have an adequate level of maintenance
covering the following services:

  • Gardering

  • Cleaning

  • Clothing storage and laundry

  • Warehouse service

  • The tunnel dishwasher

  • Maintenance

  • Administrative services

  • Logistics

The support units give support to all their workers, following their attitudes and aptitudes towards work closely, establishing the support that they need and offering complimentary activities to suit their adjustment. It´s an interdisciplinary job in which we bear in mind the person as a whole, encouraging their autonomy, respecting the pace and way of life and accompanying them in their key concerns, heading towards social inclusion.