The degree of disability between slight and medium, requires different care needs, but with a minimum of autonomy and acquired habits. During the day these service users go to an Occupational Centre, OTS or a SEC.

We work for the autonomy of the people who live there, placing an emphasis on encouraging routine life skills which encompass many areas such as housework, daily hygiene and interpersonal relationships, promoting cooperation and communication to achieve healthier relations on an everyday basis. We create an environment that fosters solid social bonds, which favours establishing roots, creating a welcoming family atmosphere transmitting security, confidence and well-being through the small things: gestures, hugs, affection…without demanding anything in return, simply for the sake of making the other person feel good.

  • Main services offered:

  • Facilities in the Flor de Maig grounds

  • Psychopedagogical care

  • Health care

  • Medical care

  • Social work support for families and tutoring entitiesl

  • Physiotherapy and Orthopaedic service

  • Individualized support care

  • Clothing and footwear services with personalised adaptations

  • Hairdressing and aesthetic service

  • Integrational and inclusive social care

  • Participative social care

  • Activities programme

  • Outdoor swimming pool with picnic area

  • Indoor swimming pool

  • Sports hall

  • Two greenhouses

  • Football pitch

  • Picnic Areas

  • Large Physiotherapy room

  • Large stimulation room

Group and community homes