We enjoy activities making the most of the resources which nature offers us.
In The Nature Area we incorporate the possibility of working in a systematic way and contextualize our natural
environment´s resources, developing three activity groups: horticulture, greenhouse and composting.

There are two aspects to the purpose of the activities. On one hand, the users enjoy the experience and on the other,
they make contact with nature through manipulation and participation in the full life process of the plants.

“We follow active and flexible work systems and the practice of activities allows us, to place trust
in the person in a way which enables him/her to take a greater role in their own learning process”.

  • Objectives

  • Participate in group activities

  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships

  • Enjoy natural environments

  • Stimulate and/or boost the senses

  • Enhance values and attitudes

  • Enhance manipulative skills