People´s behaviour is developed through the information that we receive through our senses and this perception of reality is channelled in a different way in each of us. This is how we create our own world.

We work on the most basic capacities of the human being such as sensations and our perception of them.

We work through a wide range of activities, in different adapted spaces, with the objective of improving people´s life conditions.

  • Assisted Therapy with animals

  • Relaxation sessions

  • Propioception Stimulation activities

  • Nature corners

  • Sensorial corners

  • Vestibular stimulation

  • Cooking workshop

  • Snoezelen room

We understand stimulation as a way of doing things, adapting spaces so that the person has the opportunity to interact with the environment. The area doesn´t only work with people who have a need for general support but also with those people who have behavioural disorders. Thanks to sensorial strategies we can improve their quality of life.