At Catalònia Fundació Creactiva we are experts in care, in giving support to intellectually disabled people and people with mental disorders, our task is to achieve smiles, building a world where they can choose the things they like doing most. Thus, enjoying a life full of challenges and motivation. All thanks to working with a new care model.



At Catalònia Fundació we have created a concept which defines us: Creactivity.

We are in constant evolution, we reinvent ourselves on a daily basis to create new things and reach unimaginable places to be able to respond to all the needs of the people. We transform ourselves and generate new opportunities which permit us to make all their dreams come true. We are creative and dynamic; we move and make them move.



Nature area
Our objective is to present rich and stimulating environments which allow people to grow and enjoy themselves, making the most of the resources which nature offers us.
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Comunication area
Comprehending, expressing, mixing with others and an active mind allow us to live in society and experience a better quality of life. We work towards achieving it!
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Physical Activity Area
We provide the necessary support to be able to make the smallest movement on one hand, to doing regulated sport on the other, always bearing in mind the needs of each person. We promote healthy habits and activities, which allow us to improve the quality of life.
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Art Area
We enjoy ourselves and experiment through different artistic activities, developing talent. We accompany them through the whole process to give life to the artist that they have inside.
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Music Area
We make sure music is present in our daily lives to enrich our lives.
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Multisensorial Stimulation Area
We help to develop attention and concentration, endorsing the perception of stimuli.
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There are more than 100 activities defined, but it´s a living project and we continuously create new activities. It all depends on what the people desire, feel and need and how our teams of professionals transform that into reality.

The users, numbering more than 1000, who form part of daily life at Catalònia Fundació Creactiva, are the leading figures in our history. Our main objective is to extract smiles and break down barriers. Our distinguishing value has been believing in the capacities of the people who we accompany, believing in their talent, in their drive to improve and empowering them.