Catalònia Fundació Creactiva consists of two non-profit entities; la Fundació Privada Pro Persones amb Discapacitat intel·lectual Catalònia (The Catalonia Pro-people with Intellectual Disabilities Private Foundation) and la Fundació Privada Sant Jordi de Catalònia (The Saint Jordi of Catalonia Private Foundation) directed at the care of people with intellectual disability, people with mental disorders and/or people at the risk of social exclusion. This care is provided through the management of centres and services. We currently boast 19 centres, including residential homes, group homes, community homes, occupational workshops and the Special Employment Centre (SEC). We offer care places to more than 1,000 people and we have a team of more than 800 professionals.



Catalònia Fundació Creactiva finances its services and facilities through the management of funds mainly received from the Departments of Employment, Social Affairs and Family of The Catalonia Government and the production process of the Special Employment Centre (SEC) jointly with the corresponding annual grants from the Department of Business. It also receives contributions from other associations as well as donations from businesses and individuals.

La Fundació Privada Pro Persones amb Discapacitat intel·lectual Catalònia was created in 1988. It was awarded the Saint Jordi´s cross by The Catalan Government in 1997.

La Fundació Privada Sant Jordi de Catalònia was created in 1997 with the aim of promoting and encouraging education, offering the guardianship service and the following types of training; professional, occupational and sociocultural care for intellectually disabled people. In addition, it aspires to create and administer all types of centres and services which work towards the care and promotion of rights of disabled people.


To give a service which satisfies the needs of intellectually disabled people, people with mental disorders and/or people at the risk of social exclusion throughout their lives in our centres and services in a sustainable way. The Care Model: Focused on the person, Active, Open and Inclusive. We are committed to individualisation in treatment, participation, mainstreaming and continuous training, to empower and give strategic directives to all the personnel of Catalònia Fundació Creactiva. To work for their recognition, for their inclusion, provoke social conscience, to give them prominence and offer opportunities to everyone. To improve their lives bearing in mind organic and health aspects; emotional and psychological elements, and care towards disorders; where socialising, integrational and inclusive aspects are undertaken by means of an “Integral, Bio-Psychosocial and Ethical Care Model”.



We follow the path towards inclusion, advancing towards the autonomy of the men and women who are with us and the responsibility of continuing to give a service which is sustainable over time. We have a force which is more powerful than steam power, electricity or atomic energy: Willpower, Enthusiasm and Attitude. Everything for them, but with them..


Our VALUES: Creativity, commitment, vanguard, responsibility and passion. Our commitment demands the fulfilment of the annual Working Plan and Objectives with a level of rigour and professionalism in treatment and management as a social supplier in the people sector. We opt for an inclusive, personalised and active care model. The position of the governing body, Plenary Council, is also essential: marking lines and business criteria at this time of strategic change and simultaneously allowing our professionals to have a broad margin of autonomy. The application of our budget must guarantee the sustainability of the entity.

The professionalization of the entity.

The Care Model.

The recruitment of people with Intellectual Disability.

ISO Certification 9001: 2000 and EFQM process.

The adaptation of facilities and structures.

Ethics Commission with Code of Conduct and Guidelines.

The Foundation training plan which is a guarantee of the future.

Catalònia Fundació Creactiva also guarantees personal data protection of service users and families, as well as of its workers in accordance with Organic Law. 15/1999 of 13/12. Furthermore, Catalonia participates in the Catalan Union of Hospitals´ CODI TIPUS.